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Types of Bonds

When it comes to bail bonds, there are many different bond types. Each type of bond is made to provide convenience and financial leeway for defendants and/or their cosigners.

Surety Bond: A surety bond is when the accused or cosigner pays a small percentage of the bond amount to the bail bondsman, to get the accused out of jail.

Cash Bond: A cash bond is the accused paying the court the bail amount, as opposed to using a bail bond agent.

Property Bond: If the accused or cosigner has property of value, such as a house, vehicle, or jewelry, they are able to put it up as collateral to the bail bond company. Should the accused flee or miss a court date, the cosigner will be held financially responsible for the bail amount and surrender the collateral pledged to the bail bond company.

Own Recognizance Release: If the defendant is accused of a “low level” crime, in some cases the judge may decide to release the defendant without setting bail, if he feels the defendant is not a flight risk.