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Payment Options

At Bail Out Bail Bonds we make it simple and easy to arrange bail. When a client is accused of committing a crime, they are given the option to post bail. Depending on the offense, the accused can post bail through a cash bond and pay the full premium up front. Misdemeanor offenses have preset bails, making it easier to make bail. For felony offenses, the accused is brought in front of a judge to determine bail. If the accused is unable to pay the premium, they are able to contact a friend, family member, or cosigner to call us and get them out of jail. We are able to set up a surety bond to pay a percentage of the bail amount. We set up a convenient payment arrangement for the accused and cosigner to make payments within their means. We offer flexible payment options and 8% rates for attorneys, military, and AARP. We make is simple and affordable!

Financial Assistance Available!

  • Flexible payment arrangements
  • 8% Rates for attorneys, military, and AARP
  • Attorney referrals available
  • Fast, friendly services
  • Bondsman available anytime!